Rio Cisnes: The lodge is nestled on the banks of our home river, the Rio Cisnes. The upper sections of this river flow through the pampa region, a dry and arid section that offers some of the best hopper fishing on the river. The middle section flows through canyons with impressive views of rock formations, and a few whitewater rapids. The lodge float is scenic and open. Hanging glaciers, craggy peaks, soaring condors, and large browns sum it up best. There is also a lower canyon float that we offer if the conditions are right. This section is commonly referred to as the float through “Middle Earth.” Lush banks and canyons walls, nutrient-dense, glacial runoff flowing in. This is one of the most beautiful floats we offer, as well as your chance at a fish of the week. There is a healthy mix of rainbow and brown trout, and while quantity can happen, this float is more about quality (big) fish.

Rio Manejuales: A quick and scenic hour drive from the lodge, you’ll find yourself on the banks of the Manejuales river. We fish two different sections on this river. The Upper Float which is more intimate and small with overhanging trees and plenty of structure for trout to hide in. This section of river is primarily a brown trout fishery, with a rainbow or two caught on occasion. There are a lot fallen logs and boulder fields to cast to and find fish in. The other section is the Town Float (or Lower Float). This starts in a massive boulder garden just above the small town of Manejuales. It is more open than the upper section and has a fair amount of rainbows in it.