La Posada de Los Farios

Patagonia’s Finest
Trout Fishing


Set alongside an idyllic free-flowing trout stream in Chilean Patagonia, La Posada de los Farios (The Inn of the Brown Trout) is the perfect place to relax and disconnect while enjoying some of the finest trout fishing Patagonia has to offer. The primary fishing target are the wild resident Brown Trout that the pristine Rio Cisnes (Swan River) is renowned for. These wild and aggressive trout abound in the rivers and local lakes and it is not uncommon to see truly large trout feeding on the surface.



Surrounded by rugged glaciated Andean peaks, the mountain scenery is nothing short of spectacular and the nearby fishing options are abundant and varied. The lodge itself is an authentic Patagonian ranch house constructed of hand-hewn lumber and modified to comfortably handle a maximum of just 6 guests per week.




Rest & Relax when off the water in rustic comfort and enjoy some of the finer things Chilean Patagonia has to offer. Our Lodge provides a delightful blend of comfort and class. A place to unwind, and get refreshed after a long day of fishing. There will be no roughing it as the warm fires, delicious Chilean cuisine, cosy beds, wood-fired hot tub, and fine Chilean wines will compliment your Patagonian experience.




Chile's wild mountain landscape is stunningly beautiful and the country is by far the safest and easiest South American country in which to travel. This is one of Patagonia’s truest experiences and the remote off-the-beaten-path location of La Posada de los Farios means true solitude and the real possibility you may not see any other fisherman at all during your stay.


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There are countless pristine rivers and lakes set amidst the spectacular Andean mountain scenery awaiting the adventurous fly angler.


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If you are ready for a unique Patagonia fishing experience you’ll never forget, contact us today. Inquire here to find out what 2020 dates are still available and book soon, as only a few prime dates remain available. Our main season runs from Christmas through Easter.