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Fly Andean Condor Chile

Welcome to La Posada de los Farios Lodge "The Inn of the Brown Trout". Since 1994 we have been operating our small fishing lodge on a secluded and peaceful stretch of Chile's beautiful Rio Cisnes "The Swan River", the finest brown trout fly fishing stream in Chile Patagonia. Our strategic and remote location is unsurpassed for privacy and within range of a huge variety of highly productive trout waters where you'll rarely ever see another angler. With just 6 guests a week we provide one of the most personalized fly fishing programs available anywhere. *View Slideshowfacebook_logo *Watch new video

Chile Patagonia Flyfishing - Casilla 104 / Coyhaique, Chile / Phone-Fax: 56-67-2236402 / e-mail: